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Hannah Rickman

Hannah is a runner originally from the UK but is now living and working as a doctor in Blantyre, Malawi. Hannah loves ultrarunning - the longer the better - and big days in the mountains with snacks and friends.
In this episode we talk about running in Malawi, an impromptu run and paddle board across Malawi and the win at Ultra Trail Drakensberg.


Pierre Jordaan

Pierre is an avid ultra-runner and coach, a complete Drakensberg fanatic, knowledgeable adventure guide and co-founder of Mountain Abandon. A mountain-lover at heart, there's nothing Pierre enjoys more than moving at altitude for extended periods of time, preferably sharing the experience and his knowledge with fellow mountain lovers.

The longer and tougher a mountain mission becomes, the more in his element he is! With a deep passion for movement and an ongoing drive to be "comfortable in an uncomfortable environment", Pierre truly tries to embrace and promote a "growth mindset" above all else.

The World Mountain and Trail Running Championships recap with Linda Doke

The World Mountain and Trail Running Championships were held at the beginning of june in Innsbruck and South Africa sent a team.

In this Episode we talk about how the team did, what the championships are all about and the future of South Africa at thenext championshipsin 2025.


Alain Riedacker

Alain is a French National who came to Japan 30 years ago. back in 2010 he started running and participated in multiple marathons before opening the door of ultra distance trail running, fast-packing, and mountaineering. Alain joined expeditions in Alaska and Nepal. Being surrounded by so many beautiful peaks in Japan he leveraged 日本百名山, Nihon Hyaku-meizan - 100 most famous Japan mountains) to train for his expeditions and get more familiar with many parts of Japan.

Deo Kato

Deo Kato is a Ugandan-born trail runner who has grown up in London, UK
Deo will attempt to traverse 14 countries across 2 continents and cover 14,570
kilometres (9,053 miles) with 53,400m of elevation, running across deserts and grasslands, covering 8 times the height of Everest and everything in between over 381 days. Inspired by the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955, when African Americans in Alabama staged a civil rights protest for 381 days. 


James Mallion

Coming from Canada, James has always been interested in the outdoors, mountains, skiing and climbing but his passion for running really took off as the pandemic forced people to stay at home. Now, as normalcy starts to creep back into the world and organized races are a thing again, James seeks to challenge his mind and body on the roads, mountains and trails.

James is also a big movie buff, he hosts a podcast interviewing creatives on inspirations, he’s a music lover, a sports fan of both team and endurance sports.

Stuart Mann

Stuart is a compulsive marathon runner  (his own words) having run over 250 marathons and ultra marathons. He is a prolific writer with a popular blog (, monthly column in South Africa’s largest running publication (Modern Athlete) and has contributed athletics articles to a number of local and international publications.

To pay for this running habit, Stuart works as an agile coach in the software development world and is a frequent presenter at local and international conferences where he typically provides a different perspective on traditional topics. Stuart’s lifetime ambition is to secure a beer sponsor.


Lindi Meyer

Lindi Meyer is the founder of Liv 2 Run. Liv2Run, is part of the LIV village community.
They are dedicated to restore, raise and release athletes within LIV Village and disadvantaged communities around South Africa. LIV2Run has a dual vision of impacting vulnerable children living at LIV Village and the local community. Currently we are active at LIV Village Durban and this is only the beginning.
In this episode, we talk about how Lindi started running, what inspired her to start Liv2Run as well as the importance of sport in uplifting our communities.

Royal Mabika

In 2021 he won the Mai Dubai city half marathon in a time of 1:06:24, he also won the Hatta Hills half marathon challenge in 2022 in a time of 1:09:49. He has won several 10k and half marathon races in the UAE

As a passionate top athlete he has  also organised charity events in Zimbabwe ,Namibia and Uganda  with his recent initiative being in Zimbabwe where he organised a run from the capital city Harare to a rural area which is 70km away and he managed to raise school fees for some  underprivileged children.


James McDonald

James is an avid runner, originally from England but currently travelling around Asia, keeping his daily run streak alive.

At almost 500 days of running everyday, James sees it as a running challenge as well as an opportunity to combine two of his greatest passions - running and travel.

He treats running as mental therapy and openly discusses how it’s benefited his mental well-being over the past few years.

James has completed a variety of distances in the UK and around the world, and is currently battling against busy travel days, heat and humidity as well as the unpredictability of new running routes every day.

Faith Suzuki

Faith Suzuki is a runner turned triathlete based in Zushi. Currently, she is a triathlon coach and sports event specialist at Japan Multisport where she does everything from helping English-speakers navigate triathlon pursuits in Japan, to providing a wide range of support for events and organizations like Spartan Race and Japan Cycle League. Prior to her role at Japan Multisport, Faith served as the Athlete Services Supervisor for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics Games, and was the Communications Manager at Samurai Sports Japan.


Lucas D'Andrea

Luca, is an avid mountaineer as well as a trail runner - it can be argued that the two are intertwined. Luca was born in Rome, in Italy and he discoved his love for the outdoors and mountains through Boy Scouts, he was a member of a troop from the age of 8 to 24.
Luca has explored the Apennines and the Dolomites in his home country of Italy. Combining work with adventure, once in Japan and based in Tokyo, he explored the Japanese mountains and after reading the book by Kyuya Fukada, a Japanese mountaineer, called 'Hyakumeizan', he set out to challenge Japan's hundred famous mountains. In two years he managed to complete the dream of climbing them all.

Kieran Donnelly

Kieran is an avid downhill mountain biker and an everyday runner (his own words). Kieran hopes to spread the good word about running and riding through engaging internet videos.

Kieran has been mountain biking since he was 10, he did downhill biking until he was 18. In 2017 he picked up some road running shoes and has been hooked since, going from one run a fortnight to about 5 runs a week. Kieran derives most of his sanity from his training and plans to do it for as long as he can.

In this episode, we talk about Kieran's trip around South Africa, and he tells us the best trails to run. We also talk about his European adventures.


Last Samurai Standing- Tokyo Backyard Ultra Report

" The backyard ultra or last one standing is a form of ultramarathon race where competitors must consecutively run the distance of 6.706 kilometres (4.167 mi) in less than one hour, which is a pace of 100 miles per 24 hours. The race is over when only one runner remains to complete a lap. This runner is marked as the winner and only finisher, with all other runners receiving a "DNF" (Did Not Finish). The runner who completes the second-most laps in a race is often referred to as the "assist", in the sense that their effort is ultimately what determines how long the race is allowed to continue--there is no predefined end length or time in a backyard ultra, as long as multiple runners can complete each loop within an hour." ~ source Wikipedia.

Suzie Germs

Suzie has been conducting fitness classes for women since 2018. What strated as way to suplement her athlete's running programs has now grown into a full time health business. Suzie officially started SuziFit in Landsdowne in 2020, helping women lead a healthier lifestyle with exercise as well as basic education on healthy eating.
SuziFit aims to celebrate gains not weight loss , teaching women confidence through physical activity and taking care of their bodies and mind. "A confident woman raises confident children, leading to a confident community and a confident society".


Sven Musica

Sven is a father, band, videographer, photographer, runner and all out adventurer. Sven has run all over South Africa and all over the world. In this episode we talk about Sven's running story and he gives us a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes from a photographer and videographers perspective

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