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Dimitri Lechtchinski

In this episode I chat with Dmitri about a challenge that he undertook in 2020 to run along all the rivers in Tokyo.
We get to know Dmitri, what inspired him to take on this challenge and lessons he learnt along the way.
Dmitri's final river run of the Tamagawa from the sea to the border of Tokyo was dedicated to Team Taira and the efforts of RunDIPG. Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) is a rare type of brain cancer in the pons, which currently has no cure. It is primarily diagnosed in children, and with no formal treatment patients are given a survival prognosis of 9-10 months. This disease tragically took the life of Taira, the 3 year old son of his very close friend. RunDIPG is a charity funding DIPG research around the world. Please consider donating to help them in their mission to find a cure for this terrible disease that affects 2000 children worldwide each year.

Robert Self

Robert Self is a trail runner and ultrarunner based in Japan, and the founder of Tokyo Trail Running and Japan Trail running. His most recent project is the Okumusashi Long Trail 105, which he has designed for hikers and trailrunners. The project was launched last year in cooperation with the City of Hanno, Japan.

Robert is a motivational speaker who works with Fortune 500 companies to improve their communication and global success.


Linda Kapembeza

In this episode, Mike Sewell interviews me, Linda the  host of The Running Voyager Podcast. This is an opportunity for the guests to get to know a little bit about, my own running story as well as the story behind why I started the podcast.
In the second half of the episode I chat with Mike Sewell and we talk about his road to comrades journey.

Ryan Moss

Ryan is an adventurer, photographer and videographer and a creator for change. He specialises in outdoor adventure and expedition media. In this episode we get to know Ryan and he tells us a bit about the Trail running landscape in Zimbabwe, as well as the epic 100 miler that's on the books.

We also talk about the annual cycle 3000+km  "The Old Legs Cycle Tour" which is done to support pensioners in Zimbabwe.


Nori Ko

Nori is the Founder of Sunshine Juice

He comes from  a diverse background having lived in Japan, the US, and Taiwan, he opened Japan's first cold-pressed juice store “Sunshine Juice”

Juicing, endurance sports and meditation are essential to his daily life and practice. Nori just completed his first 100miler trail run in 35hours with only juice and raw food for his nutrition.
Nori has a marathon PB of 2h56m and 9h37m for 100km. Nori is also a multiple ironman triathlon finisher.

Cody Reed

Cody Reed is an elite ultra runner from Flagstaff Arizona, but he is currently in South Africa. Cody runs for Under Armour. Cody's running Cv is extremely extensive, with numerous wins,  all around the world with a recent 100 mile first place finish at the One Hundred Gran Sasso as well as the 65k (2021) and 100k (2019) in South Africa at Ultra Trail Cape Town as well as the 100km Ultra Trail Drakensberg (2022).
In this episode we get to know Cody, and his experience of running in South Africa.


Keletso Nyathi

Keletso, is one of the guys to complete AMUK in 2022. Keletso grew up in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and is now based in Namibia where he runs a practice, is a dad and also somehow manages to squeeze in ultra running.
Keletso has run races all over the world and in this episode we talk about how he manages a hectic career, runs crazy distances and still makes time for family. We also talk about his experience running AMUK.

Drew Damron

Drew Damron grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he has been living in Japan for six years. He spends his time running a library and running trails, climbing walls and waterfalls, and writing occasional articles for the Japan Times.


Naomi Brand

Naomi, is an adventurer, through and through. She is a Vet, extremely accomplished ultra runner, conservationist and an artist. Naomi has created her name in trail running with epic results at Ultra Drakensberg, Ultra Trail Cape Town, Ultra Trail Australia, San Pans Ultra, Tarewera, UTMB - to name a few. Naomi lives in New Zealand with her partner Xavier

In this episode we talk about ultrarunning as a woman, especially at that compeitive level, moving to a new country, navigation life when things don't go according to plan and so much more.

Alan Mesfin

German born, British bred, Eritrean blooded and Spanish based, Alan unwittingly stumbled into thru-hiking after sitting on a plane on his way back from visiting his brother in Japan.  A Mathematics teacher by profession, he now exclusively tutors privately online, which affords him the time between hikes to work on converting his camper-van and produce videos of his walks for YouTube.


Prodigal Khumalo

This is a series of bonus episodes where I interview 3 coaches. Episode 1 is with Prodigal Khumalo. The advice is for help in setting running goals and acheiving them. We talk about:

  • Starting out as a new runner

  • How to set running goals

  • Common mistakes that runners make

Prodigal is an Ultra distance runner both on road and trail. He is a Comrades gold medalist and hast won the UTCT 100k twice. He founded ORCAS running academy in Durban, where he coaches and mentors young runners

Daluhlanga Majeke

Daluhlanga Majeke is a father, husband, ultra runner and the head of the Eastern Cape Provincial Treasury.
In this episode we talk to Dalu about his start in running ultras, growing up in the Eastern Cape, the importance of family as well as resilience and achieving big goals.

Linda Doke

Linda has three decades of ultra-distance running  experience, she has raced trail, through canyons, on beaches, deserts, islands, glaciers, salt flats, over mountains, escarpments and peaks. Linda is a very experience Ultra Runner, but in addition to that she is also a coach. This episode is for any new runners we talk about
* helpful strategies for new runners
* how to get started
* how to avoid injury  
* how to stay motivated
* how to set goals

Emily Hawgood

Emily is a  professional athlete for Addidas Terrex, she is a Zimbabwean but is now based in California.
Emily has a Masters degree in High Altitude Physiology and she is coached by Paul Lind with Gauge 20 Running and Pat McCurry with Idaho-A-Foot.
In this episode we talk about trail running in Zimbabwe, Lessons learnt in 2021, Western States, the importance of family and so much more.


Rhys Foster

Rhys is a father, husband, manages a business  and is a multi-sport ultra endurance athlete.

He is involed in grand multiday adventures such as the Vasbyty Expedition 100hour race, The Dusi - which he has done 23 times, Nedbank Desert Dash, Wild Coast Crossing, Skyrun to name a few.

This episode, is about being a parent and managing and integrating that with these grand adventures.

Shafeeqah Gordon

Shafeeqah has been in the outdoor adventure industry for the past 7 years with almost half a decade’s worth of qualified experience in her feild. As a Salomon South Africa ambassador, she competed in many trail running events in and around South Africa.

Shafeeqah is also the founder of the Outdoor Education Hub, they are an initiative focussed on equiping people with knowledge and educational tools for the outdoors - making it a fun and safe space for all to enjoy.

You can find Shafeeqah in the mountains running, hiking, camping and trekking. She had a great love for the outdoors and defines is as being “free”.

Tomokazu Ihara

Tomo is a dad, husband, ultra runner, coach race director and the founder of Tomo's Pit. This episode is about getting to know Tomo and how he started running from a 5km challenge at work to running one of the most challenging races in the world - The Barkely Marathons.
In addition to this Tomo is on his 65th 100 miler on his quest to run 100x100 milers.

Marius van Rensburg

Marius - also known as "Miler Marius" runs a lot of 100 milers. He completed the Amuk Challenge twice, with a 200miler in the second attempt and this year he'll be attempting Amuk again as well as a crazy challenge - he has named it it the "Keep on Challenge"

Marius' mission in his own words:
"To help grow trail running in South Africa, no matter your gender, race or background. Trail running is an amazing sport that allows us to connect with each other by forming a community and support structure. The benefits of being more active are countless, including increased fitness, better health and improved mental wellbeing."


Martin Crous

Martin is an ultra runner who has competed in ultra road and trail running events from 50km to 100 miles. He was born and raised in Durban, South Africa, the home of the Comrades Marathon – the prestigious 90km road race. Martin studied civil engineering in Johannesburg after spending three years living abroad during his teenage years. After 14 years in the industry, Martin translated the discipline, precision, and creativity gained from engineering into running coaching and hosting trail running events. Martin is a valued member of the Summit Events team, specializing in organizing world-class trail running events. He is also a committed coach who takes pride in guiding his athletes towards achieving their running potential. The athletes who have been guided by him have successfully achieved podium finishes in trail races and have exhibited outstanding performances in marathons across the globe.

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