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21 Days of motivation

I'm excited to share some gems for 21 days. Hopefully, these snippets will encourage you to explore the beauty of the outdoors while embarking on a journey of creating new habit-forming practices. The daily motivation and tips will inspire you to keep going and to enjoy the adventure of running. So, let's begin our journey together!


Day 1- Start small

This is a new bonus mini-series to jump start our spirit of adventure.
This short clip is from my episode with Pierre  Jordaan which was published last year.
This is day 1 of 21!

Day 2 - Maybe its not that crazy?

Day 2 of 21, the gem in this episode is from Rene Vollgraaff!
Rene was the first person to complete AMUK (A challenge to complete 4 100milers in a Year). 
BTW - she placed third in 2016 at the race referred to in this episode.


Day 3 - It all started with an invitation!

Day 3's featured clip is from the episode with Nontuthuko Mgabhi.
The Marathon's referred to in the intro are the 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days.

Day 4- Let's try something new!

Today's gem is from Alan Mesfin. Alan walked across Japan and his channel is aptly named "Let's Try Something New".


Day 5 - It's not always going to be easy

Day 5 - our gem today is from my episode with Naomi Brand  from 2023. It's not always going to be easy when we take on big challenges, the message is don't give up when it does.

Day 6 - Take time to know yourself

Today's gem is from Daluhlanga Majeke.


Day 7 - Make a commitment

Day 7 ! Today's gem is from James McDonald.

Day 8 - Bret Florens on switching addictions from alcohol and drugs to Running

Day is Brett Floren's running story. Brett's story is one of the most inspiring stories I have ever had the priviledge of sharing on the Podcast. 

Brett Florens is a well-renowned photographer as well as an accomplished runner. Brett started running when he was in the Police during a 6-week training camp which kickstarted his fitness and weight loss. Brett enjoyed being fit so much that he used the momentum from that camp to stay fit. His running journey progressed from running 5k's 3 times a week to a half marathon and then a full marathon. Fast forward 30 years later and Brett has completed over 25 Comrades, 10 Two Oceans Ultra Marathons and over 120 marathons all over the world. Brett is also the Chairman of a local running phenomenon in Durban called Regents.


Day 9 - Maybe Adventure is in your backyard?

Day 9 is a gem from Hannah Rickman.

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