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It's June!

​The weather is warming up in Tokyo, there are more and more people out on the trails especially here at our local Mount Takao. A random fact about Mount Takao is that over 2.5 million people hike up this mountain every year, and on a clear day Mount Fuji is visible.

May starts with Golden Week! We are just off the high vibes of Mt Fuji 100 and Ultra Trail Drakensburg and now we get into May we are looking forward to the Golden Race Week run across Japan, 川の道(River Road Foot race) from Tokyo to Niigata running across the width of Japan. In South Africa a lot of the running community is focused on Comrades training, so those big long runs are a priority.

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Join us for Trails in Motion

Join me as I host the trails in motion film tour in Tokyo, Japan!​ ​ I would love to see you there as we embark on this journey together!

Latest episode

Sven Musica

Sven is a father, husband, videographer, photographer, runner and all out adventurer. Sven has run all over South Africa and all over the world. In this episode we talk about Sven's running story and he gives us a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes from a photographer and videographers perspective.

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Coach's Corner 

Running advice with Prodigal Khumalo

This is a series of bonus episodes where I interview 3 coaches. Episode 1 is with Prodigal Khumalo. The advice is for help in setting running goals and acheiving them. We talk about:

  • Starting out as a new runner

  • How to set running goals

  • Common mistakes that runners make

Prodigal is an Ultra distance runner both on road and trail. He is a Comrades gold medalist and hast won the UTCT 100k twice. He founded ORCAS running academy in Durban, where he coaches and mentors young runners

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